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Medical Entomologist | Vector Ecologist | Public Health Extension & Outreach 

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My name is Fhallon, and I am a doctoral candidate pursuing a degree in medical entomology at Penn State University's Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics. I work with Dr. Elizabeth (Beth) McGraw in understanding how field-relevant environmental factors (such as temperature) affect dengue virus transmissibility by the mosquito Aedes aegypti. 
Before this, I received my Bachelor's in Environmental Science with a focus in toxicology from the University of West Alabama where I studied the impact of municipal runoff on benthic macro-invertebrate populations in the Black Belt region of Alabama. 
My current research explores the role of global climate change, and its impact on the assemblage of infectious diseases, in particular, viruses transmitted by arthropod vectors.


I'm driven to improve health outcomes by helping foster healthier environments where people live, work and play through Vector Management.


I’m passionate about science and sharing it with the world, and I hope my website gives you insight into my research and development as a researcher and public health communicator.

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